Frequently Asked Questions About Landscaping in The Lower Mainland

Tips for a Pristine Lawn

Establish and maintain and gorgeous lawn with the experts at A Gardener & A Gentleman! Read More

Reliable Company with Keen Focus on Customer Service

Old fashioned and owner-operated companies are unfortunately becoming a thing of the past. A Gardener & A Gentleman believes in long-standing values, customer care and job satisfaction. Read More

What should I do about chafer infestation?

Bare areas of lawn seeded with tall fescue and micro clover offer a possible solution to the problem of chafer infestation. We recommend maintaining your lawns using liming and fertilizing treatments, watering appropriately and not cutting the grass too short. Read More

What Contractors Don’t Want You To Know!

Don’t buy what so-called “experts” are trying to sell you for your European Chafer bug infestation. Read More

What is hydro-seeding?

Hydro-seeding is a proven method to attain thick, luxurious grass for your lawn. Hydro-seeding is economical, fast and efficient way to achieve a thicker, more uniform lawn with a single application. Hydro-seeding is safe and non-toxic to kids, pets and the environment, making it perfect for residential and commercial lawns, revegetation, wild flowers and erosion control. Read More

What is Terraseeding™?

Our Terraseeding process uses compost-based products to create lasting vegetation to help rejuvenate and stabilize the earth while creating beautiful landscaping opportunities. Terraseeding ensures the best possible conditions for seed germination and long-term health of your lawn. The professionals at A Gardener & A Gentleman use a compost blend that is applied with a blower truck onto the desired areas of your lawn. During the blowing process, grass seed and fertilizer are injected directly onto the soil and compost throughout the installation. Read More

What are the benefits of pruning?

Pruning your trees and shrubs ensures that they grow in aesthetically pleasing shapes and forms. Pruning is also necessary to remove dead, diseased and weak materials, which hinder a plant’s health and vitality. Read More

Should I perform tree topping?

No! Tree topping can potentially subject your plants and trees to disease and can destroy their natural beauty. When you perform tree topping, the plant may be killed by the stress of losing half of its live growth and by leaving wounds that make the tree vulnerable to attacks from insects and wood-rotting fungi. Read More

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